Sunday, August 2, 2009

Old or maybe just old fashioned

When did everything get so complicated? When did life turn into this never ending contest to keep up with someone else. "Keeping up with the Jones' " kind of attitude.
When did people start judging you for not having the latest trends?-either clothes, cars, jewelry, hair, even down to the decor in your own home.
When did everyone start caring SO much about what other people think, even if it makes them completely miserable?
When did what someone else was doing become any of our business?

I feel like sometimes that this world has been turned upside down. People have no morals, no self respect, no regard for anyone else but themselves.

When did it become a crime to try and help someone? People get so defensive, when all your trying to do is be a nice person and help them.
When did it become completely acceptable to flick someone off for the slightest things?
When did a text message become more important than a LIFE?

So many questions with no answers.

I know times, they are a changin, I get it-but sometimes it disgusts me.

Call me old fashioned, but I still believe in smiling at people I pass, men holding the doors open for women-hell anyone holding a door open for anyone else; I still believe that elders should be respected-when I say respected I don't mean we should feel sorry for them, I mean respected-for the hardships they have had in their lives, for their wisdom, for their honesty-I also still believe that we should SHOW respect-you remember that whole ma'am and sir thing?
I still believe that women should cross their legs, I believe GOD should be kept in our lives, in our schools and on our money

I believe that EVERYONE should remove their hats, shut the hell up and put their hands over their hearts for the Star Spangled Banner.

I believe in GOD.
I believe in prayer.

I believe in love at first sight.

I believe in supporting our military at home or away.

I believe that once in a while-we need to be taken down a notch-some a few notches....

The purpose of this is not to piss anyone off, or change anyone's mind.

I was just thinking about a lot of things, and maybe you agree maybe you don't-that's your choice. Either way, I felt it needed to be shared.

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