Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Biggest Loser!

Tracy is finally off the show!! While I'm sure she is a nice person in her regular life, on the show she seemed to be a bit nuts. She has since lost a lot more weight and looks fantastic, no matter who you are that is a big accomplishment, so good for her.

I am still a little sad Abby is gone, although I'm sure she is doing great things, I think she is now publicly speaking to various groups about her tragedy. For those of you who don't know, Abby was a contestant on BL who lost her husband, 2 week old son, and 5 year old daughter in a car crash 5 miles from their home, the person who hit them was going over 100 miles an hour.
After all this she is one of THE most positive people I have ever seen. She is so inspiring for me. Abby was also on Ellen today and said "Even in your darkest hour, there is always hope" What an awesome person!

On another note, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, hopefully by then I will be down a total of 20lbs(or more) so that's about 7 more pounds in about 3 1/2 weeks. Then hopefully by Christmas I will be 40-50lbs down. I know that is A LOT, but in the next few weeks I'm hoping to really push myself and watch my food intake. Even though I have not made a huge dent in the scale I can definitely feel a difference in my body, in the way I feel and the way my clothes fit. I just feel so much more confident, like I can anything I set my mind to.

Well, its off to bed for me. Cleaning tomorrow. Also, going to try and sit down and make a menu for our next 2 weeks-just for dinner though not all meals, since usually Josh and I aren't together during the day throughout the week since he has school.

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